Meet Brian


Brain has to walk a distance of more than 3km to the nearest cheap school. At 10 years, Brain has learnt to do most of the home chaos. He helps his mother in cooking and cleaning the home. Before he sets off to school, Brain prepares some food for breakfast and carries the remaining to school as a lunch pack. He does this in order for him to lessen his journeys to and fro home/school. Over the weekend and holidays, Brain spends his time with the father at the construction sites where his father gets casual jobs a builder. From his father, Brain has learnt to be hard working and this is where he earns money to cater for the family’s basic needs.

Because Brain believes in getting rid of disease in the community, he wants to become a doctor when he grows up. His diary school attendance has been shaky because at times he is absent from school helping his father in order for them to meet the home and school expenses.

Brain has five siblings. Three of his siblings dropped out of school due to lack of school fees and other basic needs. Brain is a promising boy and needs help in order for him to become a self reliant and enlightened individual.