Meet Caleb

On visiting him, Caleb was playing football. He had just come from a neighboring hill where he goes to sit in isolation and revises his books. Caleb dreams of becoming a lawyer. He has a good sense of judgment and perfumes will in history, and English language.

At seventeen years, Caleb is in senior three, his final year in ordinary level. He is determined to work hard and succeed in the national exams to be done next year.

As a big boy now, Caleb understands the fate that befell his family when his father married another wife and deserted his mother and five other siblings. He has to balance between working as a foreman at construction sites and a student. He also participates in the welfare of the home by doing house chaos.

It is the small pay he gets from the construction sites and what the mother works for by digging for other people that Caleb has been able to go to school.

If he gets money, Caleb hopes to facelift their semi permanent house, support his sister’s education and invest more in his education in order for him to achieve his dream.