Meet Chrismas manuel

Manuel is twelve years old child old. He goes to Gatarara Primary School in form four. He has to wake up at five in the morning each of the school days. This is because he has to prepare early before he goes to school. Before he goes to school, he has to first cook his lunch, which he carries with him to school. He also fetches water each morning and evening. The distance from his home to the nearest clean and safe water point is about 2km. it takes 45minutes to and fro the well. Therefore, unless he prepares early, Manuel will miss out on the morning lesson.

Manuel stays with his father and mother; he has four brothers and three sisters. The father has managed to put up a brick house which was incomplete by the time we visited their home. This house is house is replacing a mud and wattle structure that was blow away by wind early this year. Manuel’s father tells us that he had to sell off his land in order to provide shelter to the children.

At school, he is an active member in class, his grades are promising and he also involves himself in various sports. He has a number of friends and he enjoys their company.

Manuel’s father gets a difficulty in paying his children’s school fees and providing basic needs. Manuel tells us that at times they go without food. At his Age, Manuel works as a foreman on their building, he at times helps in carrying people’s luggage at the board in order for him to get some money. He says that is he would have a stable education, then, his future would be bright.