How much does it cost to volunteer in Kisoro district?

See your travel agent for flights to Kampla, Uganda or Kigali, Rwanda. It is best to fly to Kigali as you can get a visa (cost is 50 US dollars) at the border with Uganda and Rwanda since Kisoro is nearer to Kigali airport than Entebbe airport in Uganda. You will meet at the airport and transport is provided for your journeys to and from the airport. Food and accommodation is $750 per month. This includes breakfast, lunch and evening meal. Food is plentiful and accommodation includes a clean, comfortable room with bed and mosquito net (room may have to be shared) provided at Friends of Peace and Hope foundation. Laundry service is available at a small cost. US dollars is the currency to take with you, the project safe can be used to keep large sums of money. Spending money required depends on the individual, but if you budget at approx. $30 per week you will have more than enough.

 A donation of $300 per month must be paid 6 weeks prior to departure. This is for the upkeep and development of the project. The amount of donation relates to the length of stay.