Meet Clare

Clare is an outgoing young girl of 13years. She is in primary six now. Clare is determined to be a teacher. She exhibits leadership traits and always participates in various co curricular activities at school. She has made a number of friends and takes up a leadership roles in most instances. Clare perfumes well at school and is shows a high interest in education. Clare lost her mother at a tender age of five. She left Clare and her other two siblings with his father who later abandoned them to their grandmother because he was too vulnerable to take up the responsibility of raising those children.

Clare’s grandmother endeavors to look after the three orphans by digging and selling the produce in the market. The money got from this is not enough to cater for all these children and cover all the home basic needs.

We need to help Clare realize her dream. She believes that if she is successful in life, she will take care of her other siblings and relatives who too are in a helpless state.