Meet Winnie

Winnie is fifteen years old. She goes to Kabindi Secondary school, and she is in senior three. Since she joined secondary school, she has been having a terrible headache that is a huge set back to her education. Because of inadequate income, she has never received sufficient treatment and this is likely to hinder her progress. Despite having a headache, she spends many days of the school term hustling to find tuition fees. She goes around her village looking for people to hire as a farm worker. During the harvesting period, she carries people farm produce to market and sell them on their behalf. From such kind of work, she gets money for her school tuition fees and other basic needs like soap and Vaseline. There are times when such jobs are not there and she has to keep home and starve.

Winnie lost her mother twelve years ago. She stays with father and three other children. The father does not do a lot to care for his family, instead, whenever he gets money, he takes a lot of alcohol and the children have not found in him a role model at all.

Together with the other children, Winnie has managed to save some money with the local saving and credit group and hopes that this money will be helpful in situations of total luck.

Winnie is in the school female football club, she is studying hard to make a difference in her family. This can only be possible when we help her cover the school requirement and her health.