Meet Enock

Enock wakes up each morning to take their three goats for tethering. He returns in the afternoon to shift them to greener pastures, in the evening, he returns from school earlier before others in order to graze them before he can take them back home. This is his dairy routine during the school term days. In the holidays, he joins his three brothers who do not go to school in doing domestic work.

Enock’s father died. His mother says that she cannot afford taking all the children to school and therefore chose Enock who is the last born in the family. She has hope that educating Enock will bring a positive change in the family.

On the other hand, Enock too is determined not to let his mother and brothers down. With a lot of work to be done at home, he has steadily managed to balance between school and home work.

He is thirteen years old and in his final year of primary school (P7). This is the year that will determine whether he goes to secondary school or not. He looks forward to his advancement, going to secondary school and having a bright future. He studies science and mathematics and wants to become a doctor.

Enock’s mother is afraid Enock may get disappoint. She regrets by saying that secondary school is expensive and she might not get money to help Enock realize his dream. All in all she believes God will use someone to intervene in Enock’s situation.