Meet Molly

Molly is humble and shy though intelligent. The fifteen year old senior one student at Kabindi secondary school exhibits hard work traits despite her family back ground. His education has been interrupted by lack of school fees. From primary school, she has been missing term exams uncountable times because her mother has not cleared all the fees. She fears she might not complete secondary school.

Molly’s father is a carpenter; he left the village to the city when Molly was still young. He thought that he would make some more money from there. Ever since then, however, he has never returned to the family and young Molly cannot even recall how he looked like.

He left the children at the mercy of their mother and other family members. Molly’s elder sister was advised to get married so that the mother could be given bride price. It is this sister who got married that provides for molly and her two other sisters with a few clothes, Vaseline and sometimes soap.

It is the mother who pays school fees for the three girls but it has been very hard for her since she has no major source of income. She tells them from time to time that she does not get money for their school fees; she will find suitors for them. This will be beneficial for her since she can get some money from each.

Early marriage is a peril that befalls young girls like Molly who come from vulnerable families more so female headed families. To save Molly from such a disaster, let us support her education.