Meet emmanuel 

Emmanuel is making seven years in February next year. He is in his first year of primary school. He loves going to school and especially the friends he has made so far. He enjoys playing football and is slowly learning other games. He has also found friendship with his school teacher and he wakes up each morning looking forward to going to school.

At home, he is always revising rhymes learnt at school and involving everyone in whatever he does. Emmanuel is a good boy to stay with; he is so swift and is always near in case there is an errand to run. He stays with his paternal grandparents.

His father died at the age of 26 in 2008,when Emmanuel’s father died, his mother left him with the grandparents and went to the city to earn a leaving, on returning from the city a few years after, she had contracted an illness that killed her shortly. His grandparents are aged and do not have a sustainable source of income. They own a garden around their home where they plant some food crops for home consumption. His grandmother sells rock salt in the local market where she earns some money to cater for Emmanuel’s school requirements. This has not been easy for them since they have other expenses to meet as a family.

Emmanuel `s dream is to become a pilot. He is always seen making flying airplanes and kites from pieces of paper. His grandmother is willing to help him but cannot do it single handily. To make a difference in Emmanuel’s life, a huge intervention is needed