Getting around in Kampala seems madness, but actually

it is a lot easier than it may appear on the surface. Public

Transport of one kind or another is readily available but it

takes a bit of planning.


*Below are some tips that will help you to enjoy your

Safari/Visit inUganda.*


BODA-BODA MOTORCYCLES: They started out as bicycles

and you can still find them, but have evolved into mostly

Indian manufactured motorcycles. They are the fastest

means from one point to another, but also the most



Some foreigners find them exhilarating and enjoy the ride,

whileothers shun them altogether. Boda-Boda riders are a

unique lot of men, most of them have no license, drive without required helmet and do not require a helmet for passengers. 


Boda-boda are expensive compared to taxis but again faster since they break every law there is and cause daily havoc on the road, or off road if the road is blocked, but they get you there.


If you take one, you will learn how to pray, no matter what your spiritual background is. #Boda_boda motorcycles are found everywhere in Uganda, even in the most desolate of places, there will be a boda-boda stage. 


Remember to ask the staff at your lodging as to what the cost should be and negotiable, LAUGH A LOT and BARGAIN. Tell the boda-boda driver to take it easy and if he goes beyond your fear threshold, let him know, enough is enough.


Welcome to Uganda! 


You can choose to volunteer in Uganda with FPHF Foundation on your trip to Uganda.