Getting around in Kampala seems madness, but actually it

is a lot easier than it may appear on the surface.

Public Transport of one kind or another is readily available

but it takes a bit of planning.


*Below are some tips that will help you to enjoy your Safari/

Visit in Uganda.*


TAXIS: They are the easiest and lowest priced means in

Kampala to move around. Fourteen passenger vehicles

that plow the streets looking for customers, stopping

almost everywhere.


Stand on any street corner and put your hand out as you

see one approaching (wave up and down). The only thing

for a foreigner to be aware of is frequent over-charges.


Ask any staff person at FPHF or other kind of accommodation where you are staying what the price should be to where you want to go and they will tell you.


Then when the conductor asks you for a higher price you tell him what it should be, fellow passengers will readily side with you.


If you are going downtown this is quite easy and you will be dropped off in the taxi park, from where you can most often walk to your downtown destination.


If you are going elsewhere you might have to make a transfer to another taxi, but that is simply done by asking the conductor of the taxi you are taking for the direction to the taxi that will take you there.


Taking a taxi may seem like madness, but there is actually a lot of order to it. This applies not only to Kampala, but for most of Uganda.

Welcome to Uganda! 


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