Meet Merab


It was Friday evening, We found Merab at home praying with a dog. From its appearance, it looks fierce. But she comes to our rescue.  She has found friendship with her grandmother’s puppy. It acts as their watch dog and at the same time a puppy.

The Eleven year old Merab is growing healthy and she has come to believe that Rose who has been taking care of her is not only a grandmother but a mother. Indeed, she calls her Mama, not grandma.

Her mother left her with the grandmother at six month. She was unhealthy and needed a lot of intensive care. During the time that she was with her mother, she did not receive enough care that a child is supposed to get from a parent. He mother had conceived the pregnancy at the age of fifteen. She was still in school and so had to drop out as the pregnancy grew. She has never revealed who father the child or how. Her reaction towards the pregnancy and the child there after shows that she conceived under terrible circumstances.                                                   Many times, the grand mother tells us that she had found her trying to stub herself or even commit suicide.

It is from this background that six month after giving birth, Merab’s mother went to the city leaving the child to the grandmother. The grandmother, being a retired nurse has by all means tried to raise Merab and even put her in one of the good schools in Kisoro. She believes that once someone invests in education, it is a grantee that the child’s future will be bright.                                                                       She is now faced with a challenge of paying her school fees and giving her all the basic needs because all she had was a government salary as a nurse. She is looking forward to getting her pension but it is delayed and she fears it might not even come at the end of the day. She has tried to sell some of the garden produce but at her age, she is no longer energetic enough to plant in plenty.