Meet Nicholas.

Nicholas goes to Rwaramba Primary School, he is in primary three. He likes going to school and performs averagely. He wants to become a doctor when he grows up.

His mother who deals in a small scale trade of Irish potatoes regrets that Nicholas may not achieve his dream because raising his school fees does not come by easily. His father who is a builder has the same fear because from the merger income that he gets from constructing other people’s buildings, he has to sustain other eleven children of his most of who are in school. At times, his children including Nicholas do not take home their end of term report cards because of the pervious debts.

In addition to this burden, Nicholas has to share a bed with her two brothers since the parents cannot accommodate to by each of them a bed. They can however afford two meals a day but at times they have to go without bathing in order for them to minimize on the expenses of soap and Vaseline.

A contribution of 30$ per month will make a difference in Nichola’s life.