Our Vision

Ensure Improved livelihoods of the vulnerable and needy people and assisting them to become self-reliant.

Our Core Values:
1. Integrity

2. Stewardship

3. Dignity

4. Transparency

5. Faithfulness


7.Mutual Respect

8. Volunteerism

Organization Structure

FPHF organization structure is composed of an Advisory Committee whose work is to provide broad guidelines and recommendations to project direction. This committee convenes thrice a year and comprises 4 elders, 2 of which are women.

The Board of Directors is composed of 8 members including the 
Executive Director who serves as the Board Secretary. Five men and three honorable women make up this board. The Board of Directors convenes quarterly and is charged with the responsibility of reviewing, making and designing policies for the organization.

The organization's Project Management/Implementation Unit comprises FPHF staff, local leaders and OVC leaders and representatives of caregivers. This is the planning, implementing and monitoring unit of the organization. This unit is headed by the Executive Director